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Arts HTML Files in Outline of Knowledge

Art index

Dance index

Literature index

Movie index

Music index

Photography index

Radio index

Television index

Mathematics HTML Files in Outline of Knowledge

Algebra index

Arithmetic index

Calculus index

Computer Science index

Game Theory index

Geometry index

Group Theory index

Information Theory index

Logic index

Mathematics index

Number Theory index

Set Theory index

Statistics index

Topology index

Biological Sciences HTML Files in Outline of Knowledge

Biology index

Botany index

Cell index

Ecology index

Genetics index

Medicine index

Microbiology index

Nutrition index

Zoology index

Physical Sciences HTML Files in Outline of Knowledge

Astronomy index

Chemistry index

Earth Science index

Physics index

"Important Processes Illustrated" index

Social Sciences HTML and PDF Files in Outline of Knowledge

Economics index

Education index

Geography index

History index

History Timeline index

Law index

Linguistics index

Philosophy index

Political Science index

Religion index

Sociology index

Practical Affairs HTML and PDF Files in Outline of Knowledge

Financial Affairs index

Food index

Game index

Holiday index

"How Americans Celebrate Holidays, for ESL Students" index

Legal Affairs index

Machine index

Military Affairs index

Personal Affairs index

Consciousness Science HTML, PDF, and TXT Files in Outline of Knowledge

Consciousness Science index (to HTML files)

Consciousness Bibliography and References index

"Consciousness Information and Theory" index

"How Brain Makes Sensations" index

Outline of Knowledge Database, Drawings, Important Processes, and Procedures

The OKD file contains all Outline of Knowledge Database information.

The Important Processes file describes the major mathematical, physical, and social processes, combining information and drawings of the Outline of Knowledge Database.

The Drawings file contains all drawings for the Outline of Knowledge Database.

The Procedures is a Microsoft (R) Excel XLS file that contains all BASIC code needed to check the database for errors and prepare the web site.

Speculations about Universe and Space - PDF and HTML Files

"How Universe Began" index

"Space Dimensions" index

Speculations about Philosophy - PDF Files

"The Investment Philosophy" index

"Philosophy of Jesus" index

Speculations about Patterns - PDF, HTML, and TXT Files

"Patterns and Factoring" index

"Order Groups" index

"Groups of Colored Stones" index

Science Articles - PDF and TXT Files

"Science Articles" index

"NASITE Nucleic Acid Sequence Database, Ethanol Production, Cellular Automata Rule 30 and Rule 90, High-Throughput Screening" index

Essays - PDF and TXT Files

"My Trip to Iran" index

"College and School Essays" index

"School Essays" index

Documents for Corporations and Businesses - TXT Files

"Corporation Documents: Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Bulk Mailing, Animal Experimentation, Employment Contract, Employee Handbook, Loan Contract, Performance Review, Registration Form, Sales Contract" index

Language Vocabulary - PDF Files

"Common English Words" index

"Vietnamese-English" and "English-Vietnamese" index

"Farsi-English" and "English-Farsi" index

Computation, Information Processing, and Databases

"Relational Databases: Installation, Configuration, Initialization, Security" index

"SQL Programming Language with Examples" index

"Documentation, Doc Plan, Macros" index

"Java Documentation: Java, Java Style Guide, Stylesheet, Javadoc" index

"Unix" and "awk" index

"BASIC-Language Programs" index

Games - Instructions and Essays - PDF, HTML, TXT, and XLS Files

"Game of Go" index to instructions, strategy, and BASIC-Language computer program

"Golf" index to instructions and essay

"Chess Problems" index to chess problems and chess variations

"Game of Squares" index to instructions

Stories, Illustrations, Poems, Melodies, and Songs - PDF, HTML, MUS, MIDI, and MP3 Files

"My Friend Cathy: Her First Nine Years" and "CC's Journal: Her First Nine Years" index

"Watch Out! Waterspout!" index

"Trons" index

"Waiting for Santa" index

"The Titans" index

"Plight" index

"Melodies" index

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