The Titans


They are the large men, themuscle men.

They transform and they trample.

They strive and strut.

They are never beaten.

They are never stopped.


No god humbles them.

No rules bind them.


Like their brother Prometheus,they carry fire,

in the mind and in the eye.


Like their brother Saturn, theycreate the next life,

with their bodies and with theirspirit.


Like their brother Atlas, theymanipulate the world,

by their hand and by their wit.


Like their sister Rhea, theymother,

with their words and theirmight.


Like their brother Ocean, theyrenew life,

for their own sake and theirlove's sake.


They never rest; they neversleep.

Age does not dim them.


Star-blessed, moon-tossed,sun-bronzed.

Without attachments, withoutobligations,

without chains.


Playing, frolicking, laughing,

they cannot be hurt,

they cannot be shamed,

they cannot be blamed.


Every bodily comfort they have.

Every object they possess.

Every moment they fill.


Reaching one goal, they leap toanother,

They are famed, but it does notmove them.


Wind and water,

Fire and rock,

World and life,

'Til time gives space to thenext round of gods.


Copyright © 2011 John FranklinMoore. All rights reserved.