Social studies can be about peoples, historical events, and philosophy {history}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups

ethnic group

People {ethnic group} diversified over continents.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Africa

Bantu group

central Africa {Bantu}.

Baster group

south-Africa white and Khoi mixture {Baster}.

Basuto group

south Africa {Basuto}.

Benin group

west Africa {Benin, group}.

Berber group

north Africa {Berber}.

Biaka group

pygmy group {Biaka}.

Boer group

south Africa {Boer}.

Bushmen group

Kalahari Desert, Namibia {Bushmen}.

Egyptian group

Egypt {Egyptian}.

Ewe group

west Africa {Ewe}.

Hausa group

north Nigeria {Hausa}. They are now Muslim.

Herero group

Namibia {Herero}.

Ibo group

Nigeria {Ibo}.

Khoi group

south Africa and herders {Khoi}. Bushmen are Khoi.

Khoisan group

south Africa. It includes Hottentot and Bushmen {Khoisan}.

Kung group

Botswana Kalahari Desert {!Kung} {Kung}.

Mandenka group

Africa {Mandenka}.

Masai group

east Africa {Masai}.

Mbuti group

pygmy group {Mbuti}.

Moor group

north Africa {Moor}.

Nama group

Namibia {Nama}.

Ovambo group

Namibia {Ovambo}.

Pygmy group

equatorial Africa rainforest {Pygmy}.

San or Hottentot group

south Africa hunter-gatherers {San} {Hottentot}.

Somali group

east Africa {Somali}.

Swahili group

Kenya {Swahili}.

Ubangi group

Africa {Ubangi}.

Yoruba group

Africa {Yoruba group}.

Zulu group

south Africa {Zulu}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Americas

Americas groups

Americas groups {Americas groups} are in North and South America.

Karitiana group


Pima group


Surui group


6-History-Ethnic Groups-Americas-North America

Aborigine group

Australia {Aborigine}.

Algonquin group

northeast USA {Algonquin}.

Apache group

north USA {Apache}.

Arapaho group

north USA {Arapaho}.

Blackfoot group

north USA {Blackfoot}.

Cajun group

French Acadians came from Nova Scotia to Louisiana. French from Caribbean also live near New Orleans, Louisiana {Cajun}.

Canuck group

Canada {Canuck}.

Cherokee group

USA {Cherokee}.

Cheyenne group

USA {Cheyenne, group}.

Chippewa group

USA {Chippewa}.

Choctaw group

USA {Choctaw}.

Comanche group

USA {Comanche}.

Cree group

USA {Cree}.

Creek group

USA {Creek}.

Creole group

Mixed peoples live in Louisiana {Creole, group}.

Crow group

USA {Crow}.

Dakota group

north-central USA {Dakota}.

Delaware group

Delaware {Delaware, group}.

Eskimo group

Alaska {Eskimo}.

Hopi group

southwest USA {Hopi}.

Huron group

Michigan {Huron}.

Iroquois group

New York {Iroquois}.

Kwakiutl group

northwest USA {Kwakiutl}.

Mandan group

central USA {Mandan}.

Miami group

Florida {Miami, group}.

Mohawk group

northeast USA {Mohawk}.

Mohican group

northeast USA {Mohican}.

Mound Builder group

central USA {Mound Builder}.

Navajo group

southwest USA {Navajo, group}.

Nootka group

British Columbia {Nootka}.

Ojibway group

USA {Ojibway}.

Okie group

slang. Oklahoma {Okie}.

Omaha group

Oklahoma {Omaha, group}.

Ottawa group

east Canada {Ottawa, group}.

Pan-American group

Western Hemisphere {Pan-American}.

Pawnee group

USA {Pawnee}.

Pennsylvania Dutch group

Netherlands-settler descendants live in Pennsylvania {Pennsylvania Dutch}.

Pueblo group

southwest USA {Pueblo}.

Seminole group

Florida {Seminole}.

Shawnee group

USA {Shawnee}.

Shoshone group

northwest USA {Shoshone}.

Sioux group

USA {Sioux}.

Tlingit group

northwest USA {Tlingit}.

Ute group

USA {Ute}.

Yankee group

northeast USA. It is slang {Yankee}.

Zuni group

southwest USA {Zuni}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Americas-South America

Arara group

Amazon rain forest in Brazil {Arara}.

Guarani group

South America {Guarani}.

Jivaro group

Amazon River in Brazil {Jivaro}.

Korubo group

Amazon rain forest in Brazil {Korubo}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Asia

Ainu group

north Japan, perhaps Caucasian {Ainu}.

Andaman Islander group

Negrito. Burma {Andaman Islander}.

Arunta group

Australia {Arunta}.

Balochi group

central Asia {Balochi}.

Barusho group

central Asia {Barusho}.

Brahui group

central Asia {Brahui}.

Caroline group

South Pacific Ocean {Caroline}.

Chinese group

Adjective is Sino- {Chinese}.

Cimmerian group

central Asia {Cimmerian}.

Cuman group

Cuman, Polovtsi, or Kipchak were in central Asia {Cuman} {Polovtsi} {Kipchak}.

Dravidian group

India {Dravidian}.

Dysk group

Sarawak {Dysk}.

Gurkha group

Nepal {Gurkha}.

Hazara group

central Asia {Hazara}.

Hebrew group

Adjective is Hebraic. Palestine {Hebrew}. Adjective is Judaic {Jewish}.

Hmong group

Vietnam highlanders speak Miao {Hmong}.

Hun group

central Asia {Hun}.

Indian group

Adjective is Indic. Prefix is Indo-. India {Indian}.

Japanese or Nipponese

Japan {Japanese, group} {Nipponese}.

Kafir group

Hindu Kush Mountains {Kafir}.

Kalash group

central Asia {Kalash}.

Khazar group

central Asia {Khazar}.

Kurd group

Iraq/Iran/Turkey {Kurd}.

Makrani group

central Asia {Makrani}.

Mandingo group

Philippines {Mandingo}.

Maori group

New Zealand {Maori}.

Mongol group

northeast Asia {Mongol}.

Oriental group

Asia {Oriental}.

Papuan group

East Indies {Papuan}.

Pathan group

central Asia {Pathan}.

Polynesian group

South Pacific Ocean {Polynesian}.

Samoyed group

Siberia {Samoyed, group}.

Saracen group

Arabia {Saracen}.

Sarawak group

Sarawak {Sarawak, group}.

Semang group

Negrito. Malaysia {Semang}.

Semite group

Adjective is Semitic. Near East {Semite}.

Sherpa group

Tibet {Sherpa}.

Sikh group

north India {Sikh}.

Sindhi group

central Asia {Sindhi}.

Sundanese group

East Indies {Sundanese}.

Tanka group

South Pacific Ocean {Tanka}.

Tonga group

South Pacific Ocean {Tonga}.

Trobriand Islander group

South Pacific Ocean {Trobriand Islander}.

Tuareg group

Philippines {Tuareg}.

Turkoman group

Kazakhstan {Turkoman}.

Uygur group

central Asia {Uygur}.

Uzbek group

central Asia {Uzbek}.

Veddoid group

Negrito. Sri Lanka {Veddoid}.

White Hun or Ephthalite

central Asia {White Hun} {Ephthalite}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Asia-East Asia

Dai group


Daur group


Han group


Hezhen group


Lahu group


Miaozu group


Naxi group


Oregen group


She group


Tu group


Tujia group


Xibo group


Yakut group


Yizu group


6-History-Ethnic Groups-Asia-Middle East


Arabia {Bedouin}.







6-History-Ethnic Groups-Europe

Adygei group


Armenian group

east Turkey {Armenian}.

Aryan group

Europe/India {Aryan}.

Avar group

east Europe {Avar}.

Breton group

France {Breton}.

Burgundii group

southeast France {Burgundii}.

Caucasian group

Caucasia {Caucasian}.

Celt or Kelt group

west Europe {Celt} {Kelt}.

Frank group

east France and west Germany. Prefix is Franco- {Frank}.

Gaul group

Adjective is Gallic. France {Gaul, group}.

Goth group

east Europe {Goth}.

Magyar group

central Asia and Hungary {Magyar}.

Merovingian group

Europe {Merovingian}.

Moravian group

Moravia {Moravian}.

Occidental group

Europe/Western Hemisphere {Occidental}.

Orcadian group


Ostrogoth group

east Europe {Ostrogoth}.

Salian Frank group

east France {Salian Frank}.

Sardinian group

Sardinia {Sardinian}.

Tartar or Tatar group

central Asia {Tartar} {Tatar}.

Vandal group

east Europe {Vandal}.

Visigoth group

east Europe {Visigoth}.

Yiddish group

Jewish peoples live in east Europe {Yiddish}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Europe-North Europe

Alemanni group

Germany {Alemanni, group}.

Angle group

north Germany. Prefix is Anglo- {Angle}.

Bavarian group

Bavaria {Bavarian}.

Bohemian group

Bohemia {Bohemian}.

British or Briton group

Britain {British} {Briton}.

Cantabridgian group

Cambridge, England {Cantabridgian}.

Cossack group

Russia {Cossack, group}.

Dane group

Denmark {Dane}.

Druid group

England {Druid}.

Finn group

Finland {Finn}.

Gaelic group

Ireland {Gaelic}.

German group

Germany {German, group}.

Hessian group

Germany Hess region {Hessian}.

Irish group

Ireland {Irish}.

Jute group

Germany {Jute}.

Lapp group

north Norway and north Sweden {Lapp}.

Nordic group

Norway {Nordic}.

Norman group

Normandy {Norman}.

Oxonian group

Oxford, England {Oxonian}.

Saxon group

north Germany {Saxon}.

Scandian group

Scandinavia {Scandian}.

Swiss group

Switzerland {Swiss, group}.

Teuton group

Adjective is Teutonic. Germany {Teuton}.

Viking group

Norse, Northmen, Norman, Dane, or Viking were in Scandinavia {Viking} {Northmen} {Norse}.

Welsh group

Wales {Welsh}.

6-History-Ethnic Groups-Europe-South Europe

Achaean group

Greece {Achaean}.

Attic group

Greece {Attic}.

Basque group

north Spain {Basque, group}.

Etruscan group

north Italy {Etruscan}.

Greek group

Prefix is Greco-. Greece {Greek}.

Gypsy group

Romania {Gypsy}.

Iberian group

Spain {Iberian}.

Latin group

Rome, Italy {Latin}.

Lombard group

north Italy {Lombard}.

Neapolitan group

Naples, Italy {Neapolitan}.

Olympian group

Mt. Olympus, Greece {Olympian}.

Panhellenic group

Greece {Panhellenic}.

Portuguese group

Portugal {Portuguese}.

Sabine group

Italy {Sabine}.

Serb group

Balkan Peninsula {Serb}.

Slav group

east Europe {Slav}.

Spartan group

Sparta, Greece {Spartan}.

Tuscan group

north Italy {Tuscan}.

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