Game of Squares


Board games can be about making squares.

Number of Players

Game has two players or two teams.


Board is any-size square grid. Squares less than19 x 19 are good. Use any square part of a Go board or checkerboard.


If grid is 19 x 19, use 191 each of two colors.If grid is 7 x 7, use 25 of each color.


Either player can move first. Players alternateturns. Turns place one piece on an empty board position. Game has no capturing.Pieces already on board cannot move. Players cannot pass turns.

Object of Game

Object is to make as many four-cornered squarepatterns of player pieces as possible.

End of Game

Players mutually agree to end game, or piecesoccupy all possible positions.

Variants of Game

Board can be rectangle, diamond, or other shape.Pattern counted can be any shape, for example, diamond or rectangle, ratherthan square. Count can include only smallest squares, with four pieces, orany-size four-cornered patterns. Different shapes and sizes can count differentvalues. Players can remove one opponent piece per turn. Players can pass turn.Players can play more than one piece per turn. Players can cooperate to makefun patterns.


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