College Essays and School Essays

Action Plan to Go from Current to Desired Situation

Age Discrimination Claims

Astronomy Overview

Beauty is Everything

Being There

Benefits and Problems of Outsourcing


Bodily Injury Liability Law Experience

Bodily Injury Liability Law

Breastfeeding and HIV

Buddhist Economics


Cask of Amontillado

Charity to Scouts

China to Free Its Currency From Dollar

Chinese and Japanese Folk Stuff


College, Trade School, or Work

cover letter 1

cover letter 2

Death of the Sun


Disability Discrimination Case

Disability Discrimination

Don Quixote de la Mancha

Donor Services Department

Drug Legalization

Drug Testing in Employment

Ecoquest Case

Egypt's Education and Globalization

Emergency Housing Consortium

Employee Struggles

Ending Hidden Hunger

Essay on Principle of Population

Fate or Coincidence

Five Worlds and Their Suns


Foreign Interest Appears to Flag As Dollar Falls

Girls in Their Summer Dresses

Gone with the Wind Film Review

Good-to-Great Companies

Great Wall of China

Greatest Man in the World

Group of 7 Nations to Meet with China

Hacking into Harvard

Home Sweet Home

Immanuel Kant

Implied Contract

Income Inequality

Information Request

Interest Rate

Interview an Employee

Job Title

Joining the World Trade Organization


Les Miserables


Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

Living Wage Laws

Major Changes to San Francisco Bay

Market Structure

Marketing Research using the Four-Step Approach

Marriage Is a Private Affair

Maternal Undernutrition

Metonymy or the Husband's Revenge

Minnesota Starvation Experiment

Money and Power

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers

My Worst Working Day

National Debt


NUMMI Plant Tour

Oedipus the King

One Nation Under Wal-Mart

One Philosopher's Approach to Business Ethics

Opportunities in Wireless Communications

Oral History Assignment

Parking Lot Use

Personal Essay

Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues

Politics and the English Language

Push from Bush Would Hurry Immigration Reform

Questionnaire about Abortion

Rebuttal of the Pro-Spanking Position

Relations in Groups

Rose for Emily


Running Away

Scarce Resources

Section 8 and Drug Abuse


Semiconductor Industry


Short Biography of Irwin Shaw

Slave Narratives

Snapshots of a Wedding

Software Operating Systems

Spaghetti at Home

Spanking Should Be Banned

Speed Reading Training


Tropical Rainforests

TV Should Not Be A Babysitter

Twelve Angry Men Argument

Twelve Angry Men Film

Uncertain Imitability

Unprofessional Off-the-Job Conduct

Verbal Abusers

Vertical Integration and Strategic Outsourcing

Vietnam Culture

Web Porn at Work

Welfare Reform

What Does Amazon Do with Technology to Differentiate Itself

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College Essays and School Essays